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Best Fro-Yo: Swirl Time

There’s nothing better than a local company that loves to give back to its community while continuously striving to satisfy its customers at the same time. Swirl Time, Sonoma State students’ favorite frozen yogurt shop, is the perfect example of a small company that does just that. 

Zombie animals threaten humanity in ‘Other Dead’

In the world of monsters and mayhem, 2013 was definitely the year of the zombies and 2014 is no different. The living dead have dominated all aspects of the media world, film, television, video games and, of course, graphic novels.


TAPS Petaluma moves to new location

For locals of the area and students over 21, many know the small treasure located in downtown Petaluma, the restaurant and tasting room, TAPS. The family owned and locally known pub just recently moved from their location at the old Hotel Petaluma on Kentucky Street to a new, higher end location overlooking the river on East Washington. Over the past two weeks, TAPS has been softly opening, meaning they haven’t necessarily advertised their new space. However that did not stop the hordes of people that packed the pub in order to try one of their 40 beers on tap.  

‘Artpop’ album totally Gaga-licious

Far off into space, a new alien planet that revolves around the ideas of sex, art, drugs and love has been discovered: this alien planet is Lady Gaga’s new album “Artpop.” 


Revenge of the nerds

“You’re such a nerd.” Throughout my life I have constantly heard this line said to me. At first it made me feel a bit bad about myself that a lot of my peers thought I was such a “weirdo,” however as I have grown older I have come to realize I really wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Katy Perry sings across emotional spectrum in ‘Prism’

The girl that kissed a girl and liked it is back. The California native, Katy Perry, debuted her fourth studio album, “Prism,” which was released Oct. 18. 


‘Walking Dead’ returns, now even more terrifying

If brain-hungry, rotting zombies weren’t enough to be considered apocalyptic, then imagine adding an extremely contagious flu virus to the mix. That creates one hell of a horrible world to live in. 


‘American Horror Story: Coven’ bewitches viewers

Witchcraft, human voodoo dolls and bloody good times. ‘Tis the season for haunts and horrors and that is exactly what “American Horror Story: Coven” brought in their new season which aired last Wednesday. 


‘Misfortune High’ is magical

Everyone becomes inspired by something and sometimes that inspiration turns into pieces of creative gold. 


Journey to Neverland

Mermaids, pixie dust and pirates were to await fans as the season three premiere of ABC’s hit show “Once Upon A Time” aired this past Sunday. 

Placebo’s whiny sound

Popular English rock band Placebo came out with their seventh studio album titled “Loud Like Love” on Sept. 17.  

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