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Is microdosing beneficial or detrimental?

Alexandra Daniels May 16, 2017

Controversy is arising concerning the newly popular trend of ‘microdosing’ LSD as a way to boost performance in people’s everyday lives. Microdosing is taking LSD in such small amounts that the psychedelic effects aren’t felt, but it’s enough to stimulate the brain.


Social media contributes to fake news

Alexandra Daniels May 11, 2017

In the heavily technological society we are apart of, many people nowadays rely on social media, such as Facebook, to receive their news. While it may be ideal and easy to get, social media platforms are not the most reliable source for true and accurate news stories.


Downsides to technology in the classroom

Alexandra Daniels May 2, 2017

The integration of iPads and other electronic devices into classroom curriculum has been a rising trend in many middle schools and high schools. 


O’Reilly fired from Fox

Alexandra Daniels April 27, 2017

After he got away with several atrocities, Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly has finally been fired from his position and removed entirely from the channel. The misogynistic news anchor had many allegations of sexual harassment from female co-workers, and threats to “make them pay” if they dared to speak about his actions.


Chechnyan LGBT prison camps violate human rights

Alexandra Daniels April 17, 2017

In the Chechen Republic, gay men are being assembled and thrown in prison camps, according to Human Rights Campaign. There they have endured torture and beatings, which even led to three alleged murders.


Taxes increase in Sonoma County

Alexandra Daniels April 11, 2017

Sonoma County residents are seeing their taxes increase to support everything from library services to regulation of the local marijuana industry. 


Co-founder of Black Lives Matter speaks at Women of Color Conference

Alexandra Daniels April 4, 2017

Many students shed tears of inspiration and passion on Wednesday at the first Women of Color Conference held in the ballroom of Sonoma State University’s Student Center.


Oklahoma bill to require male permission for abortion

Alexandra Daniels February 28, 2017

State Rep. Justin Humphrey in Oklahoma recently proposed a bill that would require a woman to obtain written consent from her fetus’ father before being allowed to have an abortion.


U.S. feels impact of “Day without Immigrants”

Alexandra Daniels February 24, 2017

Cities across the United States experienced what a country without immigrants would be like last Thursday.


San Francisco first to go tuition free for community college

Alexandra Daniels February 14, 2017

The City College of San Francisco just announced it’s offering free tuition to all San Francisco residents.

Study shows mental health can effect physical health

Alexandra Daniels February 8, 2017

Depression and other mental illnesses are extremely common among the young adult population, many being college students. According to Healthline, 44 percent of college students report having symptoms of depression.

Standardized testing outdated and inaccurate

Alexandra Daniels February 2, 2017

Standardized test scores can be a determining factor in the success of students education. Each and every student has a different learning style, which gives teachers and institutions a hard time catering to every student’s needs.

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