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Instagram? More like Insta-bland


Recently I found myself going through my nightly ritual that inevitably ends in scrolling down my news feed either on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr before falling asleep.



Renowned professor Erv Peterson retires

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor April 28, 2015

There are certain people in the world that can completely change one’s understanding of it. For many students, faculty and alumni, Erv Peterson was exactly that person. Peterson has been teaching environmental studies at Sonoma State University since 1990 and involved with the school since 1987.


A perception on good manners

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor April 21, 2015

Conflict over manners and etiquette is an almost universal experience that most have along generational divides. The dialogue of these discussions frequently reveals a few theories about the integrity of manners amongst the millennial generation. 


Realities of the California drought

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor April 14, 2015

The drought in California is truly unprecedented and the National Academy of Sciences found the present drought as the worst in 1,200 years from research examining tree rings across the state.  


Media hastening the polarization of political dialogue

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor April 14, 2015

Media, Social Media in particular, is transforming the world. It literally has the power to start revolutions, and did just that throughout the Middle East during the Arab Spring of 2011. Never before has information and the exchange of ideas been so accessible for such a wide range of people across the world regardless of nationality, religion or socio-economic status.

Student becomes victim of scam

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor April 7, 2015

When he sat down in the Student Center to read the latest edition of the Sonoma State STAR on Wednesday, freshman Steffan Grace came across an advertisement offering a flexible position as someone’s “personal assistant.” 



Railway provides change in Sonoma County

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor March 10, 2015

Sonoma County is set to experience the same influx of business and new residents experienced in other parts of the Bay Area over the last few years. Rents have risen more than 30 percent in the last three years, according to the Press Democrat, and this trend will only increase with the construction of the Sonoma-Marin Area Transit railway, or SMART.


Excessive food waste a luxury of the past

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor February 24, 2015

Americans throw away nearly half of the food consumed, which is a disturbing example of how society is being built upon excess and waste.



Benefits of a grade-based reward system

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor February 17, 2015

College students today face extraordinary pressures from their academic curriculum, interpersonal relationships and ultimately deciding on a degree or career choice that will shape their future for a lifetime.


Necessity of unbiased religious education

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor February 10, 2015

There is a serious oversight of one subject in United State’s public education system. The basis and history of the world’s main religions are simply absent, or not given enough attention to, in all levels of the public school system.


Hidden dangers in our everyday diction

Aidan Guthrie, Opinion Editor February 3, 2015

There is an ugly truth hiding behind the way many young college age people talk to and behave around each other. Microaggressions are an insidious force that creeps into our everyday thoughts, speech and actions. They may seem harmless, but they represent a real threat to the moral integrity of our society.

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