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Student Spotlight: Brennan Spark


The Internet has been paving the way as an area for artistic expression, and individuals from all across the world are utilizing the popular website known as YouTube. 

Brennan Spark, junior Biology major, who recently transferred from the Santa Rosa Junior College, enjoys filmmaking during his free time. 

Spark started his YouTube channel, “BRENNAN’S TECH BITE,” two years ago and has been putting out weekly videos ever since. 

Ideas can be ignited by a simple spark of interest. 

For Spark, the thought of creating videos came when he watched a web series on technology reviews from “SoldierKnowsBest,” a YouTube user who focuses specifically on Apple products. Inspiration for Spark also came from Steve Jobs. 

“Around that time [Steve Jobs] announced the revolutionary first generation iPhone,” said Spark. “This really sparked my interest in technology and I thought I could share that with other people by posting videos online.” 

Due to always having an interest in filmmaking, all of the above factors contributed to the start of “BRENNAN’S TECH BITE.”

Making video blogs is no easy task. 

Spark understands there are a good amount of things to consider during the editing process, such as the decision to maintain an overall theme. 

Spark’s video theme, while consisting of technology, is focused on Apple products where he concentrates on making product reviews, application reviews and tutorials. 

He also makes unboxing videos, where he opens up a new product and allows viewers to see all of the accessories that are included. 

When Spark first started out, his videos weren’t getting much attention. 

After creating more and more content, his videos were able to show up in the search results more often, which helped gain more followers. 

“I would say today with each video I average between 2,000 and anywhere up to 10,000 views,” said Spark.

Currently, Spark has right around 15,000 subscribers and is able to communicate with them often from his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

There are a number of key differences about what makes YouTube different than a blog. 

To Spark, it is harder to connect with your followers on a blog and more personable to make vlogs on YouTube since viewers can visibly see you instead of reading an article. 

One of the main pluses to YouTube over other media sharing websites is their Partner program which allows users to monetize their videos to earn a little bit of money. 

Not to mention promotional material like custom thumbnails for videos and channel banners.

Art can be a touchy word, as everyone has their own idea as to what art truly is. 

“I personally view my videos as a work of art with all the time and effort it takes to make the script, along with shooting and the editing process that goes into it,” said Spark. “I think the final product is a work of art by the end.” 

YouTube has often fallen under a particular misconception. 

It’s not all about viral videos and entertainment; it can also be a great place for learning, inspiration and connection. 

“If you are passionate about something like cooking, making people laugh, snowboarding, teaching, it can be whatever,” said Spark. “If you are not afraid to get in front of a camera I would highly recommend sharing your passion online with YouTube as it’s a great way to express one’s self, to connect with others, and also earn an extra few bucks.”

While working at a YouTube facility would be a great option, Spark would ideally prefer to make a living with his videos from home. 

You can view his channel and watch his videos at

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