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‘True Blood’ bites the dust


On Sept. 3 it was announced that one of HBO’s most popular series, “True Blood,” will have its final season next summer in 2014. 

Fans were shocked when the announcement was made not only because “True Blood” is one of TV’s most guilty pleasures, but also because it has only aired for six seasons. 

There is no clear reason yet on why HBO has decided to cut the cord on the show; however, next season will have to really tie up a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions in order to arrive with a solid conclusion to the series. 

One of the reasons “True Blood” might be getting the axe is because throughout the seasons the show has gotten progressively more and more ridiculously campy. 

Yes the show has always been highlighted for being over the top and out there, yet it seemed with every passing season that the story lines and even much of the acting became horribly laughable. 

The bad acting is unfortunate because the show actually does feature many talented actors, including star and Oscar-winner Anna Paquin who plays Sookie Stackhouse and Stephen Moyer who plays vampire Bill. 

With such a twisted storyline there is really nothing good acting could do to save the cheesiness that was “True Blood.” 

Of course, nowadays the show is more known for its soft-core porn like qualities and bloody violence rather than the talent of its actors. 

 All the way back in season one the plot was much simpler in terms of having only a few characters’ story lines being the main focus. 

Every season it seemed that the writers decided to add more types of creatures such as fairies and necromancers. 

Even the main character of the show, Sookie Stackhouse, became less of an empowering character and more of a helpless ditz who couldn’t decide if she wanted to be in love with a vampire, a werewolf, or a shapeshifter. 

With so many love triangles and drama it was nearly impossible not to be confused on what was happening and at some point the show became more about waiting for violent or sexual action to take place rather than paying attention to actual story line. 

Another reason why the show might have run its course is because many of the true fans of the story have had conflicted feelings about how much the show strayed from the books from which it was based on. 

In “The Sookie Stackhouse Novels,” written by Charlaine Harris, many of the characters and relationships are quite different. 

For example, one of the show’s most lovable characters, Lafayette, actually dies in the first book; his cousin, Tara, who is a main character in the show is nothing more than a minor character in the actual story. 

Other characters such as Jessica Hamby, who was turned vampire by Bill never actually existed in the books nor did Lafayette’s boyfriend-turned-medium Jesus. 

With the series never actually following the book’s true plotlines anyways, the show never really had any sort of commitment to finish out the story in the same way the book version did. 

Now that it is official that “True Blood” is actually coming to an end, there are many questions that need to be answered especially after the finale of season six from this past summer. 

Some main story lines of the show need to come full circle and finally tie themselves together. 

The biggest issue that needs solving is who Sookie will finally choose to end up with. 

Will it be vampire Bill Compton who has constantly betrayed her trust, will it be werewolf Alcide who has more muscles than he does brains, or will it be vampire Eric Northman who had a surprising ending in season six where fans weren’t really sure if he actually died or not as he burst into flames? 

The whole issue between vampires and the human race must be decided to finally determine if both races can live harmoniously together. 

After those two main plots are figured out all of the other characters need to get their stories straight whether it be who Jason Stackhouse ends up with or what happens to Alcide and his werewolf pack. 

Altogether, the writers of “True Blood” really just need to get straight to the point in the series finale next summer. 

Being only 10 episodes long, season seven will probably be one of the most watched seasons of the show since the beginning and will definitely be supplying large doses of sex and blood. 

“True Blood has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO,” said President of Programming at HBO Michael Lombardo in an interview with USA Today. 

With the ending of “True Blood” brings the ending of the whole vampire craze of these past years; however, fans will surely be sad when the series finale airs next summer. You will be missed, Bon Temps.

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