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‘Hellboy’ visits circus

Going to a circus as a kid was the joy of a lifetime, but for one abnormal creature he wished he never left home. “Hellboy: The Midnight Circus,” follows a creature named Hellboy from the fiery underworld and explores his unpleasant midnight stroll.  

Written by Mike Mignola and illustrated by Duncan Fregredo one can be promised they’re not going to get flowers and ponies.

“All I really want to do is draw monsters,” said Mignola.

Although “Hellboy: The Midnight Circus,” is exceptionally creative, a strong imagination is not needed because of the brilliant illustration. 

The devilish creature Hellboy is strikingly red with horns, a long tail and a groundbreaking strong right hand called the Right Hand of Doom. Hellboy doesn’t act like the devil or use his power for evil in this comic at least, but acts like a normal young kid.  

Although Hellboy has the strength to destroy anyone and anything, he lacks a single mean bone in his body. This comic shows Hellboy as a rather gentle-giant. 

Hellboy does not have any parents, but is looked after by Professor Bruttenholm. When the Professor leaves on a business trip, Hellboy is concerned and worried for the Professor’s safety. “When’s the professor going to be back? He’s not some place. . .dangerous, is he?” said Hellboy.

While reading the comic, one feels a sense of compassion for the parentless Hellboy and that you want to be his friend.

Ironically enough, Hellboy then leaves on a journey of his own and visits a midnight circus. The circus was reminiscent of Hellboy’s childhood with evil characters and a lack of individual safety.   

The eventful circus is nothing short of a nightmare involving ghosts, demons and terror. Not to forget killer lions and monkeys. Alone and lost, kid Hellboy frantically runs away from the circus and stumbles into a series of more unfortunate events. Hellboy wished he never left home.  

Upon learning of Hellboy’s unsupervised stroll, Bruttenholm leads a midnight search for Hellboy. 

A real father and son relationship.   

The illustrations are detailed, colorful and expertly done. The facial expressions are exuberant and key to show the characters emotions.

The whole comic is fast-paced and filled horror, but invigorating. The illustrations excellently portray and exhibit what is happening in this action-packed comic especially at the circus.

While the comic is not for everyone, there are always those times for dark and mysterious stories late at night under a cozy blanket or two.  

Mignola, born in Berkeley, California and raised in Oakland, California has quite the reputation for a darker comic writing style. Mignola has achieved his comic career goals by being an artist for “The Hulk” and other Marvel Comics.  

In 1993, Mignola moved to Dark Horse comics and created “Hellboy.” Since then over 13 “Hellboy” graphic novels. His talent is undeniably excellent.  One can learn more and purchase his artwork at

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