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Tatro: From screen to stand-up


STAR // Brennan Chin

Youtube star Jimmy Tatro performed at the somo village center last friday. See full photo gallery here.

Over the past few years, Jimmy Tatro has risen from online sensation to Hollywood status. He’s undoubtedly come a long way from his 2011 “Frat Life” video on YouTube.

His channel originally published skits involving his infamous frat persona, but soon he would evolve past that. Tatro began writing comedy skits with his best friend Christian Pierce about the everyday struggles of being a college student.

His channel “Life According To Jimmy” has over 2.4 million subscribers and shows no signs of slowing down. As if running one of the most popular channels on YouTube isn’t enough, he has now begun a career in stand-up comedy. As someone that was very worried that his humor wouldn’t transfer to the stage, let me tell you I was wrong.

On Oct. 16 Tatro and Pierce came to Rohnert Park as part of their “Jimmy Tatro Live: Memoirs of a College Dropout” tour. There were dozens of eager fans and newcomers alike scattered throughout the venue.

It was a surreal moment when Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” began playing, as host Pierce began strutting onto the stage. The crowd went wild when Pierce said it was his first time ever being at Sonoma State. “I like the small town vibe you guys got here” he said.

He opened with a small comedy bit of his own, and unsurprisingly he was as funny as everyone else who performed that night.

Opening act Chris Ferdinandson laid the groundwork for what the rest of the night entailed. While some of his jokes fell flat, there were a few memorable moments in his set such as “I don’t like to be called white, I prefer advantaged American.”

Kyle Keating was the second act and was far better than Ferdinandson. Keating was more likeable and had material that more of the audience could relate to.

It comes to no surprise that the best part of the show was when the man himself finally came on stage. Coming on as Drake’s “Hotline Bling” started to play, the crowd cheered uncontrollably.

His charm immediately was eminent as he took the stage and said “I want you all to know that I’m just going to cover Drake the whole time.”

Tatro’s set was filled with jokes about social media, entertainment and of course, college stories. A favorite joke involved him tackling today’s rap culture as he said, “College isn’t for everyone. You can be a bad rapper. Bad rapping is so hot right now.”

What made his act so successful was his personality. He seemed like a laid back guy and that came through throughout the show. His college stories were relatable, as most of the audience consisted of Sonoma State students.

The highlight of his college section of his set was the story of his first party at his university. He recalled that he “was killing the freshmen swag.” He talked about meeting a girl that fateful night, and how fell in love with her. As the night progressed he lost track of her, only to find her hours later making out with one his pals that he came with.

He turned around, only to see her making out with yet another person he came with. “I was like ‘yo what the f**k guys,’ I saw a future with her,” Tatro said.

“She made eye contact with me, and, as she was making out with my friend, she proceeded to give me sex eyes.” he said. She then shoved his friend out of the way and started to walk straight towards Tatro. “She was trying to do this sexy Victoria Secret walk that just wasn’t working for her.” She flung herself at him, and he is tried to fight her off.

“No, I just saw you make out with fifty guys at this party. She had the audacity to say, ‘you can benumber 51,’” he said. Needless to say, the audience was dying of laughter.

“I was actually really surprised of how funny he is in person,” saidtransfer student Victor Brambila. “I was afraid that he wouldn’t be as funny as we know him to be from his countless videos.”

When the show ended, the after party began. The FLI-HIGH Nightclub had classic college drinking games such as beer pong and flip cup.

There was a dance floor, however, everyone was too busy trying to get into the VIP section with Tatro and Pierce to use it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of an after party as the night went on. People left after either getting a picture with Tatro, or after getting tired of waiting for a picture proving that if there isn’t an Instagram photo of it, it never happened.


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