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‘Zoolander 2’ trips, falls, never recovers

“Zoolander 2” was exactly what everyone predicted it to be; a sequel that gets everyone excited, but doesn’t leave a good taste in the mind once it is over.

The first movie in 2001 was a comedy about a failing fashion model that was brainwashed into trying to kill the prime minister of Malaysia.

This first movie was very popular after its release and left the audience with plenty of laughs and quotable commentary. Unfortunately, the sequel “Zoolander 2”, which opened Friday, did quite the opposite.

Within the first few minutes of the movie, it was easy to tell that this was going to be a long painful hour and 42 minutes.

 Ben Stiller directed the movie as well as played one of the main roles as Derick Zoolander. His fashionable partner in crime, Hansel, (Owen Wilson) accompanied him as per usual. With a non-surprising appearance from the classic super villain Mugatu, who is played by the overly dramatic Will Ferrell.

Unfortunately, for all the Beliebers that went to the movie just to see Justin Bieber in action, there is a three minute appearance from this young star. But, during those three minutes it was clear that his singing success doesn’t translate into acting.    

The sequel picks up with the lives of Zoolander and Hansel as they struggle through the comedic dark parts of their lives. Zoolander has lost his wife and kid, while Hansel is struggling to keep his own family together. Without any surprise, the two are invited to a strange fashion show.

This is where the movie starts and probably should have ended as well.
While in town for their fashion show, they are approached by a secret agent named Valentina who was played by the lovely Penelope Cruz.

Valentina informs the duo there has been a series of pop-star killings.
 Once leaving the movie theater, one might ask themselves if a sequel was really necessary.

“Zoolander” had just enough comedy to distract from the outrageous stupidity in the first film. But with “Zoolander 2”, this was not the case. Hansel has always played an airheadedcharacter that gets himself into trouble.

His stupidity was supposed to get shock laughs like the first movie did, but his actions actually did the opposite.

It made the audience feel awkward whenever a bad joke or a bad action would occur. Sitting in silence listening to bad comedy was the most memorable part of this sequel.

 The late appearance of the super villain, Mugatu, helps the movie regain some of its almost-potential. But at this point it was too late, as too much damage had been done.
 To be fair, there were slightly enjoyable gags that were based on society, as it is today.

 This movie tried to cram way too many things into it at once. The complicated, conflicting plot lines never seem to get solved and the mistake of trying to do too much leaves the audience not feeling satisfied.

After watching this film it is easy to say that Zoolander and Hansel should leave their modeling careers behind, but it is obvious that they should have left the sequel behind as well.     


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