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Cinenoma’s best: Bria Gabor, Best Actress


STAR // Brennan Chin

Actress and filmmaker Bria Gabor (left) poses on the Cinenoma 2016 red carpet.

Bria Gabor didn’t make “Roommates” with the mindset of winning awards, but it’s always nice to win one. Gabor is a fourth year communications major. She won Best Actress for her role as the lead in her film, “Roommates” at Cinenoma on April 21. Gabor was surprised she won. 

“I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘I’m not winning anything tonight,’” Gabor said, thinking of the other films showing that night. 

In addition to acting in the film, she wrote, directed and edited the film was well. 

Gabor got the idea from difficulties that come from living with others. 

“Someone will leave their clothes out or no one wants to take out the trash ever. Things like that I know are very prevalent in 95 percent of all living situations,” said Gabor. 

She wanted her character to be relatable. 

“I’m no stranger to stress anxiety. I’ll let my room get super messy and then I’ll have a panic attack and I’ll just clean the whole room,” said Gabor. “So I’m no stranger to having a big mess that I’ll have to clean up and sometimes you’re frustrated because you got things to do and so I think I just kind of tapped into that.” 

Gabor got her start in musical theater in middle school. 

“That’s when I knew I liked being in front of a lot of people, doing ridiculous things,” said Gabor. 

Philip Gilbert, a senior communications major, has known Gabor in professional and casual settings as he has worked with her on film projects as well as taken a fitness class she’s instructed. 

“What makes Bria stand out is that she thinks outside of the box,” said Gilbert. “[She] strives to create content that gets the audience thinking about issues that are prevalent to our generation. She’s a great actress and can convey a variety of roles well. My favorite part about working with Bria is that she is a super fun person to be around and so work doesn’t actually feel like we’re working.”

Gabor didn’t experiment with film until she got into college. 

“CMF (Campus MovieFest) was my first try at film. I started SSUTV last semester and it’s just gotten better from there. I submitted a couple of films for contests and I’ve gotten in the top 16, but I’ve never won anything until now,” said Gabor. “It’s really is a blessing and an honor and I’m really excited that this film was the film that is really being recognized. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve made.” 

Comedy is not the only thing that Gabor focuses on. In fact, most of her films tend to be more serious.

“I’ve made a kind of a documentary on human trafficking since it’s so prevalent in Santa Rosa and this area,” said Gabor.

Gabor also worked as a production assistant on the short film “The Secret of 40,” which was shown at the film festival Cinequest in March. SSUTV General Manager Anna Luna, who also worked on the film as a production coordinator, hasworked with Gabor behind-the-scenes.

“Bria is a very talented individual,” said Luna. “Her creativity and inspiring work ethic make her extremely valuable with the projects we’ve worked on. I trust she will continue to pursue her passions. Bria attempts every challenge with a smile and great attitude.”

Gabor describes the community of SSUTV as a warrior. “We’ve all worked together to build what is here today.”

Despite winning, Gabor doesn’t want the experience to got to her head. 

“It was such an honor and I’m really excited that I won. I guess I don’t win a lot of things, so to have that recognition is really cool, but also very humbling,” said Gabor. “I don’t want it to be some sort of ‘Oh, I’ve won. I’m so cool.’ I don’t want it to be like that. It’s more of a personal achievement and a consent strive to continue what I do and get better.”

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