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A man’s best friend

For centuries dogs have been described as a man’s best friend, but this may not hold true. There is a worldwide pet population and many people don’t realize how breeders are not the actual cause of this problem. 

Usually it is too late when people realize all the responsibility that goes into feeding, cleaning and spending time with their animal.

People can easily lose sight of their responsibilities and interest in their pet. They may be animals, but each and every one of them has a personality just like human beings. 

The American Humane Society website pointed out the vast majority of people who buy or adopt pets like a dog or cat, end up later getting rid of it or passing them onto rescues, pounds or even leave them abandoned.

This summer, while driving after work, I saw this little fur ball wandering the streets, but I could not pin point what it was as it crossed over. 

Once I realized it was a Chihuahua. I slammed on my breaks and ran to pick it up before it became road kill. 

The poor little Chihuahua must had been wandering for a while, because it was in bad shape with rocks stuck in its teeth and was extremely weak. 

The dog had no nametag, but I still took it to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Luckily, while at the SPCA, they were able to find a chip so they could contact the owners. 

As I was waiting, I noticed the incredible amount of dogs without owners, especially Chihuahuas. I asked the people working if all the dogs did not have homes. 

They replied yes, and that most of them were from people who couldn’t take care of them anymore. It wasn’t until I saw first hand at the shelter how serious the overpopulation really is.

What needs to change is the attitude of the general public. When one decides to buy a cute little puppy or kitten, the decision should be looked at as a 10 to 15 year commitment. 

If one does not wish to commit this amount of time to a dog or cat, then don’t buy it. When it grows up and the situation does not work out as you might have envisioned it, the animals are the ones truly being affected.

Another incident that I personally witnessed this summer at work is when someone dropped a box off outside of the office. 

A little white fluffy dog was lying inside the box. Luckily, one of the many dog lovers in the office decided to rescue the poor dog who had must been abused from their previous owner. 

There are many excellent dogs and cats in rescues and pounds. These animals are not the “reject” animals but animals that are unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of people who decided they didn’t want to take the responsibility. 

Each and everyday these animals are killed, simply because there are not enough homes, rescues, and manpower. 

Each and every one of us who want to adopt a pet should look into rescue to prevent being a part of the world’s pet animal overpopulation problem.

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