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Light the way to campus safety


Students have to worry about getting their papers in on time or studying for upcoming tests. The last thing they should have to worry about is whether or not they feel safe around campus.

I believe feeling secure and protected while at school is something that should be a given. 

Yet, there have been multiple instances on campus and nearby at Copeland Creek of assault that has led Associated Students to draft a resolution. 

Their resolution is to increase lighting on campus to help students feel safer and in hopes to decrease any sort of violence. 

Not to say that Sonoma State is in any way a dangerous campus. However when nighttime falls, there are many locations on the grounds students could be fearful of because of the lack of light around them. 

Personally, having a couple of nighttime classes has helped me realize just that.

 I feel the idea to increase the lighting throughout the grounds will help to continue the peace of mind and protection of students.

Sonoma State’s website clearly states some ways that students can avoid being a victim of assault under the police services category. 

Some of the ways that are described have to do with being aware of your surroundings and to avoid isolated areas. 

I’ve even been told by my mother countless times that the most important thing is to always be aware of your surroundings. 

However, there are times that I’ll be walking with my head down completely engrossed in my phone; even when it’s become dark outside.

The reason some may not be as worried around Sonoma State’s campus is because they may not have heard of many instances of it happening. 

However, in a recent study done by the Justice Department, it was found that almost 80 percent of campus sexual assaults went unreported to authorities. 

Just because it’s not something you hear about all the time, doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur.

I know I’ve been guilty of thinking of the topic of assault as something that would never happen to me. 

However, this mindset is by far one of the worst someone could have. The reality of these types of crimes is a scary one. 

“One in five women will be sexually assaulted in college,” said Laura Williams, a licensed psychologist at Counseling and Psychological Services. 

Being aware and informed about the possibility of crimes like this is just as important for the safety and well being of students. 

Those that are at the library, gym or classroom until late hours should feel just as secure at night as they do during the day. 

I believe that could happen with Associated Students plan to increase the lighting on the grounds of Sonoma State.

Allowing this will bring a better sense of protection to all students whether they realize they need it or not. 

While we do have Police Services to call 24/7 or the Counseling and Psychological Services to help out students, it should be top priority to do whatever possible to keep the campus and students safe.

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