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Librarian Lynn Prime, an underestimated resource

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer December 14, 2016

Those who walk the paths of Sonoma State University may not realize exactly how many people are involved behind the scenes. From facilities workers to those in the Health Center, many fall below student radars. The STAR had the opportunity to talk with Head Librarian Lynn Prime, an instrumental part of the success of many students.


COTS craft drive helps benefit local children

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer December 6, 2016

The holidays are all about giving, and that is no exception at Sonoma State University. From Nov. 28 through Dec. 2, the Early Childhood Development Club collected arts and crafts supplies to benefit Committee on the Shelterless, or COTS. 

Seawolf Commitment motto encourages student unity

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer November 23, 2016

As a Seawolf I will commit myself to the highest ethical standards. I will conduct myself with integrity in my dealings with students, staff and faculty. I will strive for excellence in my academic work and relationships. I will respect the rights and dignity of others. I will accept the responsibility to conduct myself as an ethical member of my community.”

These words represent the Seawolf Commitment, a motto which promotes safety and unity as well as excellence and responsibility on Sonoma State’s campus, not just amongst students but faculty and staff as well. 


On-campus simulator discourages distracted driving

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer November 8, 2016

In California it’s illegal to text and drive, and it’s illegal everywhere to drive under the influence. However, it’s not uncommon to look over and see someone on their cell phone, or to turn on the news and hear about someone driving under the influence. 


Alcohol Awareness Week fights drunk driving

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer October 31, 2016

There are 1,825 red flags placed on the lawn outside of Stevenson-Darwin quad. Each flag represents a student who has died as a result of drunk driving.


Adults continue lifelong learning in OLLI

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer October 24, 2016

There is a program at Sonoma State University that offers no tests and no quizzes, and is just six weeks long. And in about 30 years, current Sonoma State students can participate. 

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, or OLLI, is offered at Sonoma State to students age 50 and older. Currently in it’s 15th year, the program serves 1,500 students.

Cotati’s Hot Spot remains student focused

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer October 18, 2016

In the service industry the phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is one many are familiar with. However, owner of the Hot Spot, Reggie Slater, takes this to a whole other level. 


Oktoberfest brings culture to Cotati

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer October 11, 2016

Five participants lined up at the start line, eager to start the race. Their legs were ready, their tongues out and eyes on the finish line. Onlookers lined the course with their cell phones out ready to record the race. And then they were off, five little weiner dogs running to their owners. 

Rising housing costs push more residents to rent

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer October 5, 2016

In Sonoma County, more residents are opting to rent instead of purchase homes. According to a report released by the Sonoma Economic Development Board, the number of homes purchased in Sonoma County in 2016 dropped 6 percent from 2013-2014.


Literary magazine enters 21st year

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer September 29, 2016

Zaum (Russian): the linguistic experiments in sound symbolism and language-creation of Russian-empire futurist poets. Zaum: the Sonoma State University literary magazine. 

Homeless population receives help from grant

Sierra Straub, Staff Writer September 7, 2016

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has approved a grant allocating $630,000 to three different non-profits to help with the homeless situation.  Supervisors signed off on the grant Tuesday, also continuing the safe parking program, which designated sites around Santa Rosa for people to sleep in their cars overnight.

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