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Winter break binges

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer December 13, 2017

The semester is quickly drawing to a close, and students across the country are about to experience magnitudes of free time they haven’t known for an entire semester. And when cold weather and free time band together, there’s only one remedy to stave off boredom: Netflix.


Use of microtransactions reach new levels

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer December 5, 2017

Characteristics within gaming, like artificial timers to complete tasks or random loot drops, can hinder a player’s progression. But with a swipe of a credit card, these boundaries can be bypassed. These games have been dubbed “freemium” games and have proven to be a massive moneymaker. 


‘Mindhunter’ proves to be binge-worthy

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer November 21, 2017

“Mindhunter,” a new release from Netflix produced by Charlize Theron and David Fincher, is based upon a book by John Douglas, an FBI agent during the 1970s who was one of the first criminal profilers.


Nintendo fluctuates with consistent deliveries

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer November 7, 2017

The Wii U carried over Nintendo’s obsession with innovation, which worked well on systems like the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. However, that innovation turned into more gimmicky gameplay.


Disneyland traveling options increase with time

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer October 31, 2017

With a little extra planning, vacationers can save a hefty sum by utilizing modern apps and websites to relieve their wallets of some of the more premium expenses offered by Disneyland. 


Post Malone proves to be a reckoning force

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer October 24, 2017

Breaking into the scene as a teenager, Post Malone has utilized new tools like Spotify and Soundcloud to rack up over 219 million streams on his latest single “Rockstar” alone on Spotify. The single, featuring another popular rapper 21 Savage, also holds the record for most streams in a week on Apple Music. 

True crime: the next American T.V. craze

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer October 4, 2017

    True crime on Netflix ranges from cases about murders to disappearances, sexual assault and more. Each show handles its narrative differently, but follow similar skeletal outlines that can feature recreations of events, long one-on-one interviews, and even rotoscope animation to chronicle the events.

Cashing in on Commentary: the Future of Fair Use

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer September 27, 2017

With such a large number of videos comes a wide variance of genres, too. And with so many users, content creators are constantly looking for ways to remain fresh and unique on an ever growing platform.


Students distribute published work through “ZAUM”

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer September 26, 2017

Students in the English program here at Sonoma State get that chance when they enroll in ENGL 368: Small Press Editing. Classmates work together to create the latest iteration of ZAUM, a collection of student art, poetry and prose.


Killer movie, killer clown

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer September 13, 2017

Only every so often does a movie come out that is truly disturbing, a movie that makes its audience audibly scream in every other scene. “IT” is a film that will have you squirming in your seat and peeking in between your fingers as you try to hide what's coming next.


Subscription passes alt theatre scene

Nolan Brough, Staff Writer September 5, 2017

For decades the cinema has been a staple American past-time, a great end to a long week or great casual outing for a first date. The impressive presentation of the screen and the speakers has made for an unmatched viewing of Hollywood’s greatest products. However, audiences are beginning to stray away from the movies.

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